About Linked Data Factory

Linked DataFactory is a concept by Informagic, the ICT company of Lieke Verhelst.

Lieke has been working with semantic technologies since 2009. She has created ontologies for construction, conservation, water management and food safety. For the Dutch construction sector she developed the CBNL, a semantic concept library. She also installed the initial RDF infrastructure that supports the CBNL service. The Dutch Tax office, the Cultural Heritage Agency, the fire department Amsterdam Amstelland and Alliander consulted Lieke about Linked Data. She is also a frequent speaker for invited talks and training about Linked Data and the Semantic Web.

Lieke was educated in information science (BSc) and geographical information management (MSc). She has a broad experience in ICT that started with Lotus Domino, a groupware product, which was a forerunner of knowledge applications and the WWW. Lieke was expert in this field. She programmed Lotus Domino applications and supported the server product on multiple operating systems. She was a Lotus Certified trainer. She continued her career at IBM Software Support, where she was soon chosen to participate in Technical High Potential programs. Her technical skills were expanded into the field of web application servers on multiple platforms (Linux, Unix, OS400). At IBM, she was promoted to team leader, project leader outsourcing and resource manager. In 2006 she started a part-time MSc programme for geo-information. She graduated on the design of a semantic expert system. During this study, she moved from IBM to Grontmij and eventually chose an academic career at a research institute of WageningenUR. There she worked on the development of intelligent information systems, such as Emerging Risk detection systems, decision support systems, semantic wikis and language technology solutions. She also worked for the library of WageningenUR. There she was responsible for the creation of a map portal. She also investigated options for introducing Linked Library data.

For a complete online resume, see her LinkedIn page